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BALLISTIC-410' BLACK 410fps 200LBS SCOPE & ACCES. The Ballistic crossbow is a high powered, accurate piece of archery equipment. It's unmatched ergonomics and eye catching aesthetic make it a top end crossbow. The Ballistic crossbow from EK Archery features an aluminium/composite barrel giving the crossbow an extremely durable build as well as a balanced weight. This barrel also has a picatinny fitted which allows accessories such as sights to be fitted helping increase your accuracy and overall experience. The stock of the crossbow is made from a reinforced composite giving your crossbow a strong, durable base. It is fully adjustable allowing you to refine it to your preference. The Grip on the Ballistic matches that on the Ar 15 assault rifle ensuring you have total control over the crossbow at all times. It Features an anti-dry fire safety to prevent you from dry firing your crossbow helping prolong the life of the strings and the crossbow parts. The Cams have been cut in a CNC machine to ensure high accuracy and smooth cycling both when cocking and firing the Ballistic. The riser made from aluminium has been though a similar process making the ballistic a tough crossbow that lives up to it's name. Built to last the EK Archery Ballistic has compressed fiberglass limbs. This makes them flexible but extremely tough and therefore able to withstand the pressure they face when the crossbow is cocked. This crossbow uses a unique Quad-Limb design providing a huge power being the crossbow bolt. One of the final features on the Ballistic is the extended bullpup trigger. This moves the grip forward resulting in a compressed design but achieves a more ergonomic and practical crossbow. Along side this crossbow you get a 4x32 crossbow scope, cocking rope and a shoulder sling to get you started with this great piece of equipment.
Price: £390.00
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